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We can save you thousands

Our consulting company has forged strong relationships with schools throughout the United States. The schools on our approved list are visited by our team and all aspects of their school are thoroughly analyzed. We look at key factors such as quality of training, quality of equipment, safety records, and ownership reputability to start. We have spent a combined 1000+ hours researching our list of pre approved schools to ensure they offer great quality and service. It is through our strong relationships that we are able to offer pre negotiated discount pricing for training. No matter if your goal is to start a career or just get your license for leisure we can help you find the right school. The students pay nothing for our service.


We can save your time

We have spent thousands of hours and dollars conducting research on which schools are good and which schools to avoid. Most applicants are not familiar with which questions should be asked. Common questions students must ask schools: 1. Which aircraft is best for training. 2. What is your safety record(How can I verify this) 3. Can I review your maintenance logs for the aircraft. 4. How many airplanes do you operate in your fleet. 5. Which visa do I need? How can I apply for this visa? Who can help me with this process. There are so many mistakes that can be made by students who are unfamiliar with the process. If you choose the wrong school, you can waste thousands of dollars and countless time.


We take care of everything

Once you tell us what your goal in aviation is, we can give you the best options to choose from. Once you select your option, we will setup travel arrangements, airport transfer, accommodations, Visa Assistance, translators, and language school if needed.


We guarantee every pilot can finish their class

Once your training has begun, our services still don’t end. We continue to monitor your training and assist with any requests you may have. Services such as progress checks with the school, Logbook reviews and analysis. If you are not satisfied with the schools performance, we will assist in placement to another school with minimal disruption to your training. These can be stressful situations when you are unfamiliar with the process. We are here to provide the best support to you.


We have 20 years industry experience

Our team consists of FAA Certified senior pilots, instructors, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics, Air Traffic Controllers with a combined 30 years of aviation experience and over 30,000 hours of flight time. Avoid costly mistakes by using our experts experience to your advantage. Our flight school which was founded in 2002 has given thousands of pilots their licenses. Our students have gone on to fly for major airlines and corporate flight departments all across the globe flying everything from Gulfstreams to B747’s.

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