• How many hours does it take for your students to solo and finish their private pilots license?

    If you read Ori Brashy’s Yelp Review, he does a very good job of explaining this question. Flight training is not the same for everyone. Every person responds to the training differently. However, your level of retention and skill typically increases with frequency of training. If you fly once per week, it will be difficult for you to build your skill level due to lack of frequency. I always recommend students fly on average 2-3 times per week to help build a good solid foundation.

  • How long will it take me to finish my Private Pilots License?

    Based on averages of our students, we estimate that it will take you: 1 Lesson per week = 12 months 2 Lessons per week = 6-9 months 3 Lessons per week = 4-6 months 4 Lessons per week = 2-3 months 5 Lessons per week = 1-2 months

  • Is there anything I can do to help reduce the time and money it takes to finish my ratings?

    Yes! Study! Be proactive about your training. If you have a question and aren’t meeting with your CFI for another week, don’t wait. Look for the answer. The internet is at your fingertips and all information is virtually on there. I would recommend to start reading the course materials a few weeks before starting to have a general idea of subject matter when your training starts. Start watching videos on youtube on how to preflight a Cessna 172. We can’t emphasis enough how important the knowledge information is in helping you to better understand what is going on throughout your training.

  • What type of airplanes does your flight school use?

    We only use Cessna 172 aircraft. We’ve used the Cessna 152 previously and the Piper Pipersport Light Sport Aircraft. The problem we faced with the 152 is 50% of the students were too tall/heavy for the airplane. We then decided to try out the Pipersport LSA. The fuel burn on the aircraft was great, but because light sport aircraft have a max weight limit of 1,320 LBS, the aircraft did not make for a good trainer because it was more susceptible to winds. The Cessna 172 offers the highest dependability, consistency, and ease of learning.

  • Do you require deposits to start training?

    No, you simply pay as you go. No deposit required.

  • How do I enroll in your courses and how far in advance do I need to notify the school?

    Simply contact us thru email or phone and our customer service team will reach out to you and get you started on the paperwork. We typically need 3-4 days lead time to get you started.

  • Do you offer discounts like block rates?

    We are very upfront about our pricing and have decided to give you the absolute lowest rate possible.

  • I want to finish as fast as possible, if I enrolled full time, how long would it take me to get my commercial license?

    It typically takes 12 months to finish all your ratings.

  • If I do my training with your school, will you hire me as an instructor?

    Yes, provided the student is in good standing. We prefer to hire from within.

  • Does your school have relationships with any airlines?

    Yes, beginning 2016 we began offering the Pilot Pathway Program in partnership with SkyWest Airlines. When you finish your instructor rating, SkyWest Airlines will fly you out to Salt Lake City for 2 days where you will go thru a cadet orientation program, receive a SkyWest Airlines employee number and seniorty number within the company. That’s right, you start accruing seniority at SkyWest, while you are a flight instructor for our school.